Call it the meeting of the spirits or the minds.

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Monica Tata

Vice President, Advertising Sales & Networks, India & South Asia,
Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.

I think the media review this time was fantastic!

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Sajjan Raj Kurup


Youth must be celebrated. Timely recognition doesn't just shape an individual's future. It decides the course of the future our industry would take. I have and always will stand for young talent. And I applaud Ad Club for taking this initiative

Prasoon Pandey

Corcoise Films

The idea to have Young Achievers' Awards is not just brilliant, it is an extremely important one if the Indian advertising has to fine tune it's voice. Young talent desperately needs to be encouraged to help us continuously break conditioning, and redefine boundaries. And the best way to encourage someone is to acknowledge their contribution. Go for it !!!

Carlton D'Silva


In a market that is so driven by youth, it is not surprising to see youth leading the way with regards to creative thinking too. There are quite a few truly talented young achievers in the industry that stand out from the rest. The Young Achievers' Awards recognizes this talent and is a launch pad for most young advertising personnel to make it to the big league.

Ramesh Iyengar

 Select Direct Group

In an industry that is driven by fresh and innovative ideas, young achievers are key contributors. It is indeed a good idea to recognise them. I hope the awards focus on consistency and not just a flash in the pan.

K. V. Sridhar

Leo Burnett

It's a great idea to recognise the young talent and I truly believe this
generation is far more talented and ambitious than ours, and I also think the pessimistic 40 something are the worst enemies of progress and creativity.

Adrian Mendonza


Anything that encourages and supports youth is a celebration of life itself. The awards for young achievers will give the youth of our fraternity  exciting recognition and will spur them on to much greater efforts in the future. And if it can get the youth excited, we can be sure that the future of advertsing and marketing will be vibrant and exuberant. I believe the Ad Club has shown a lot of foresight with this endeavour.

Sanjeev Kotnala

DB Corp

The intent and the prospect of any industry is really pegged at the quality and intent of the young blood operating within it. This initiative of identifying and encouraging the young professional is a step in right direction- may be we all are late in accepting and initiating this- but never mind- at least we are doing so. It keeps alive the healthy competitiveness and timely recognition of talent. This is one of the biggest booster for any person.

Raghu Bhat

Contract Advertising

An initiative that was long overdue! The best time to instill an intolerance for mediocrity is when someone is young. The best time to work on clay is when it's wet. These awards will stroke the fire of excellence in young minds. I like the fact that there are separate awards for movie makers and budding artists as well. This will help ad agencies spot new talent in illustration and ad film direction, two areas where we could definitely do with new blood.

Deepanshu Sharma

AMD India

New talent is the cornerstone of the creative domain, and this is a step in the right direction to enthuse and encourage fresh thinking.

Why the first mover came last

The 'first mover' advantage is something that management students are taught as part of marketing strategy. The IPL vs ICL battle has proved that tenet wrong, it would seem.

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Rewarding Youth

I am communicating with you as a fellow member of the stimulating world of brands.

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Young Achiever Awards

Welcome to the very 1st ever 'Young Achiever Awards',  a night to celebrate the young talent in our  Industry.

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Creativity - The Perception Changes

Creativity has always been perceived as an idea that ascended from an uncanny source few have been able to decipher. Unless, of course, till we met Adi Pocha as part of the Continuing Education Programme (CEP). The workshop aptly titled "Creative Ideation" was conducted on November 11th, 2006 at the plush Odyssey at Mayfair Rooms. As the name rightly points out, it was a workshop that placed the idea of creation into concrete words. Pocha, in his impeccably fluid and focused manner, got a hold over the very pulse of creativity and in the course of the workshop, enabled creative directors, visualizers, copy writers and managers from the ad industry to equip themselves with a definite method behind the madness called creativity. It proved to be most beneficial for those who did not find creativity to be their forte, and realised that there can be a process that can change the existing pattern of thinking and therefore, of working. Besides, people for whom creativity has become a regular churn, often find themselves in creative deadlocks where the deadline outpaces their thought processes. One of the expectations that floated among the participants was a quick fix solution to get out of this threatening situation. The insightful teachings of Pocha, therefore, brought about an alteration in the general perceptions of creativity.

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